The public organization “Ukrainian Nursery Industry Association” exists in support of the sustainable development of the green industry of Ukraine. 76 members, leaders of large enterprises working in the green industry in 18 regions of Ukraine are already active members of the union, but we strive to successfully implement a strategy to attract and retain new members of the organization in the future.

It should be understood that being a member of a public organization is a mutually beneficial symbiosis. On the one hand, an organization cannot exist without people, and on the other hand, the voice of each member of the union will be strengthened by the voice of the whole organization. The problem of each of its members will be publicized in all channels through which NGOs can communicate with the government, the public, or businesses. Evolution has shown us that significant success can be achieved through grouping and division of labor, so let us unite in a large green family of planting material producers for common progress and prosperity.

Today there are several options for participation in the life of the organization:

1. Become a member of an NGO

You can become a member of our organization. Be aware of all the latest green business news in Ukraine, you will have a regular exchange of experiences between domestic entrepreneurs and foreign partners, and you will be able to feel part of a large community of like-minded people. To do this, you need to work in the field of growing plants for landscaping. How to become a member of the union is described in the charter.

2. Join as a foreign partner

As a foreign partner, you can join the implementation of the tasks we set for mediation between domestic and foreign green industry entrepreneurs for assistance and mutually beneficial exchange of experience, as well as professional development of planting material producers by holding local conferences, symposiums, and round tables. If you want to share your experience with Ukrainian entrepreneurs, fill out the form below and we will find your twin nursery.

3. Join individually

Also, we have projects in which non-planting material producers can take part. For example, the Ukrainian Vinok project. It was created in support of the national struggle against the Russian occupier. If you want to take part in the life of the union as an individual, leave your contact details and receive a list of available projects and opportunities by mail.