Due to the martial law in Ukraine, a significant number of schools and universities operate remotely. Unfortunately, it is well known that the distance learning format has a number of disadvantages: lack of socialization, lack of practice, difficulty communicating with the teacher, and constant contemplation of the monitor screen. Students who have to practice the basics of their specialty sit at home and take endless tests in front of a computer.

In fact, these are the realities in which almost 70% of Ukrainian students find themselves, and we cannot change anything in an instant. But we can diversify their daily activities. We offer to join teachers from foreign primary schools, who have the opportunity to conduct an online lecture on crop production. This can be a lecture on photosynthesis for 6th-grade students or a seminar on the latest technologies in plant reproduction and cultivation.

Educational projects are always and will be relevant. We undertake the organizational work of conducting online lectures (webinars) and call on caring teachers from around the world to support Ukrainian students and pupils with their knowledge. Fill out the form if you wish to participate.