Since the first day of the war, the Russian Federation has been shelling cities, towns, and villages all over Ukraine every single day. It doesn’t matter to our neighboring Nazis whether it is a military aerodrome, a residential building, a school, or a hospital.

Just imagine, according to the analysis of the data recorded by the project “Russia will pay” conducted by the analytical center at the Kyiv School of Economics, as of May 10, 2022, the occupier destroyed 992 secondary and higher education institutions, 562 kindergartens and 580 health care facilities. In general, during the war, the occupier has already caused direct damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine by more than $ 94.3 billion. Counting the total economic losses, the amount is appalling – $ 564-600 billion.

Every day the news tells us about new and new destructions. According to the head of the “Sluga Narodu” party Olena Shulyak, as of April 14, 2022, more than 219 thousand citizens of Ukraine lost their homes. In opposition to the occupier, the whole nation united in struggle. Even though, according to UN Assistant Secretary-General Amin Awadwiyina, the war forced 5 million Ukrainians to go abroad and 7.1 million to become internally displaced. 30% of Ukrainians were forced to flee and save their lives. But our nation cannot be broken, according to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, about 1 million compatriots have already returned to Ukraine in the last week. It shows the world that we are ready to continue to fight for victory.

We cannot underestimate our enemy, whose defense budget is almost 13 times higher than Ukraine’s, as evidenced by the GLOBAL FIREPOWER 2022 report.

Everyone must contribute to the victory. The military is defending our borders, the mothers are upbringing our future generation, and the men left behind are keeping the economy afloat.

Restoring Ukraine’s green infrastructure will require our work, we must unite in this difficult time and stand up for the future of a prosperous and green European Ukraine. Our goal in the StandUpwithUkraine program is to attract foreign partners to support the work and repair damaged and destroyed planting material production facilities.

All the Ukrainian Nation has united to oppose the enemy. In its turn, our organization whose key objective is to support and advance the growth of its members has set up a StandUp with Nurseries and Garden Businesses in Ukraine Programme.

Within this program, we initiate a number of projects that will help our businesses to survive through these hard times by means of getting all kinds of help – financial, technology, professional and humanitarian – from our colleagues, international associations, and institutions all over the world. We shall act as an intermediary between those of you who are willing to help and those who really need help. All information about current projects is found below

We’re also committed to start a GreenEuropeanUkraine Project together with the Ukrainian State Authorities so as to restore the greening and landscape of Ukraine in the short term once the war is over. 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes of Ukraine!