About “UNIA”

In November 2004, the participants of the First Conference of Planting Material Producers initiated the creation of a public association “Ukrainian Nursery Industry Association”. In 2006, such a union was officially registered.

Our mission is to ensure the leading position of the Ukrainian plant nurseries on the international market.

Main goal

To increase its members’ technology level and professional competencies to fully ensure the quality plants in the Ukrainian market to the benefit of businesses, communities, and the landscape.

We are committed

  • explore the market to increase the demand for planting material, conducting marketing research to expand markets for members of the organization.
  • ensure cooperation between members of the market for the rapid development of the industry
  • develop the professionalism of planting material producers by holding local and international conferences, symposiums, and workshops.
  • provide consulting, organizational, economic, and legal assistance to its members;
  • represent and protect the interests of the organization and each member in public authorities and local governments;
  • monitor the latest legislative changes related to the work of growers
  • participate in the implementation of new legislation for quality regulation of the commercial market of planting material
    mediate between domestic and foreign businesses for assistance and mutually beneficial exchange of experience
  • develop and improve generally accepted standards for propagation, cultivation, transportation, and storage of planting material
  • implement a successful strategy to attract and retain its members
  • ensure effective communication between business, government, and the public on landscape issues in Ukraine


Held a large number of local and international conferences with speakers from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.


Ukrainian Nursery Industry Association has adopted amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Plant Varieties”, which ensure registration in the register and free distribution of well-known varieties of ornamental plants.

Members of the Union together with scientists of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences and representatives of two ministries worked to improve the standards for planting material at the Technical Committee-160 and achieved the abolition of Soviet standards DSTU.

In 2019, Ukrainian Nursery Industry Association developed standards for planting material for the professional community that meet the standards of the professional community of the European Union.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has proposed a project of activities, which plans to include in the “special regime” ornamental horticulture and nursery cultivation.


The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko drew attention to our sphere and made an amendment to Order №995 / 2008 of November 4, 2008 “On Some Measures for the Preservation and Reconstruction of Forests and Green Plantations”

UNIA unites 76 members, heads of large enterprises working in the green industry in 18 regions of Ukraine. All of them are active participants in the green movement.